Serving the Community

Initio plays a vital role in the community. We work with the City and local business organizations. These partnerships are important to Initio and Momence. Initio supports the community by increasing the economic status, developing the downtown, decreasing unemployment and instilling a sense of pride & accomplishment with new opportunities that wouldn’t be there otherwise. Three buildings we have rehabbed house nine new businesses. Initio uses local labor, which is an important way to support the community through employment & financial reinvestment in the community. One building we rehabbed houses a non-profit small business incubator. Businesses are offered mentorship and a collaborative working environment. After incubation these businesses and staff are offered spaces in our rehabs. This was founded by Initio and has been a big factor in downtown growth. Our latest development is the historic Momence Theater. Art and Entertainment events will draw new people to our community.