Who We Are

IInitio is a property management and business/workforce development company. Initio is the Latin word for “beginning”.¬† My company purchases historic buildings in downtown areas in local small communities that need revitalization. We develop the property and then seek out new business startups to fill the space and mentor. We assist them with a business plan, marketing and employee hiring, training and retention. I was inspired to start Initio because over the last two¬†decades, businesses have closed and jobs have been lost. Small communities have lost their “Main Street”. There needed to be a stronger link between vacant properties, businesses, people and the community. Initio creates the opportunity for success by being involved in each level of the process. Initio is unique because we go beyond the acquisition of a property. It does not stop at just the growth of one business. It creates a spark and enhances our community with opportunities, tax income, jobs and community pride.