Momentum Momence Program

The City of Momence and Main Street Momence is working hand-in-hand with Forward 2 Success, Inc., a local non-profit small business development and resource group. Together they are working with local economic development groups to create jobs, to fulfill demands for goods and services, to create tax revenue, generate business traffic and revitalize the historic downtown district.

Momentum Momence, a small business incubator, is not designed to be a permanent location for a new or existing business. It is a stepping stone to help the business grow. It is a place for learning job and business skills alike. Our volunteer mentoring board is made up of educators and successful business professionals.

After a maximum of two years of mentoring and nurturing, a business should have the employees, the clientele and the capital to move to their own location. Hopefully this will be in our downtown district as that is where their client base is already established. This gives the Momence downtown district the potential for continued growth and fills vacant rental properties.

Forward 2 Success, Inc. and its partnerships with the City of Momence, Main Street Momence and the Momence Chamber of Commerce are very important. These alliances can help this program flourish and the downtown district grow.

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